Romans 8:28


This week has been a whirlwind for my husband and I. I have learned in the process that sometimes a spouse needs to make a hard decision despite how much the other objects. I typically always make decisions with my husband but I had to pull out the “wife trump card” This card only comes out when my family if in danger. This particular one was pulled out because I knew my husband needed medical attention.If you know anything about my husband you would know that he hates going to the doctor. So taking him tho the ER was even harder to do.


Over the past couple of years my husband has had several episodes that last only 1-2 minutes. He gets confused, has no idea where he is, and doesn’t respond when someone tries talking to him. I have noticed over the pass few months that it has become more alarming. He starts saying things that doesn’t make any since along with his other symptoms. In these recent weeks the number of these episodes have increased. In the past five days he had over ten episodes which is not the typical pattern of one a month.


We just moved about a week and a half ago. We have had a lot of firsts in this past week. New jobs, new surroundings, new apartment, and a number of “adulting activities” have taken place. Three days into my husband’s job he started having a lot of episodes that made me feel really unsettled. We always thought that it was just Hypoglycemia, low blood sugar. He got tested for it but it came back that it was normal. Despite that his primary care doctor said that it might be that he just needs to eat more and he will be fine. We took his advice but it still seemed to be happening no matter how careful we were to follow the doctors instructions. It was so hard to see my husband go month after month continually having episodes.


Since I am his wife I blamed myself a lot of the times because I thought it was because I was not giving him enough food. I would feel guilty after something would happen because I thought to myself, “what if I had given him a bigger breakfast, or a different type of food??? etc.” I was so frustrated with the whole situation. I just wanted/want my husband to not have to live in fear of this happening. It was affecting all areas of his life even his ministry. He had an episode one day when he was praying for the kids at Sunday School and he forgot where he was. This is just one example of many. I felt out of control of this situation. I knew God had to do something.


Finally after begging my husband and calling his parents to help try to convince him to go to the hospital he did. I took him despite his resistance to the idea. When we went to the hospital they transferred us to another hospital in Pittsburgh which is an hour and a half away from where we just recently moved to. They saw something on the cat scan of his brain that wasn’t quite right and took him via ambulance to the other hospital to get an MRI. After all the testing, poking, and prodding we found out that these “episodes” are actually seizures. The easiest way to put it is that his brain resets. We also found out that he is having seizures because a part of his brain did not develop the way it should have. He also has what they think is a blood vessel in the wrong spot on his brain. They diagnosed it as complex partial seizure disorder. They gave him medication to help stop the seizures from occurring. There was a team of neurologists working with Luke to help find out the problem. Luke still has a long journey ahead of him but I know that God has a plan for him. Romans 8:28


Please join with me in praying for Luke. He has been on the medication but has still had a few seizures since then. The pattern has also changed with his seizures. He has had a couple of seizures in the night where his body gets stiff and he actually shakes all over. Also, please pray for Luke in regards to his license. They took it away because of his seizures for six months until he can prove he is seizure free.  Please pray as we figure out next steps in this journey.


Please join me in praising God for the things he has done for Luke. God has brought us into a place where the church body has come around us and supported us. The church has been so kind in sending meals, being with us in the hospital, and praying with us. Praise God that it is not a tumor or something more serious. Praise God for the doctors that will and have taken care of Luke. Praise God for yesterday which was a day where he was seizure free for the first time  in these past few weeks. Praise God for his miraculous healing power.wr shannon 158