When my husband and I first started dating we decided to commit ourselves to prayer. Every night before we parted ways for the evening we would meet to pray with one another. To our surprise we received a lot of flack for that. I was approached by my fellow Christian classmates, various staff from our University, and other trusted leaders in our community. I asked myself, “was I really in the wrong?” No. I never will regret those hour long prayer sessions where we pleaded out to God for Him to be the center of our relationship. After all, God must be the foundation for every marriage to work. I realized later on that those people who came to me with their concerns were just looking out for me, they only meant to protect me from opening up a door of vulnerability too early. Prayer should be a priority in every relationship.

As soon as my husband Luke and I got married I realized life can get pretty busy. School, housework, friends, church events, and work. You name it! Life gets so busy at times. I am guilty of this myself. I don’t make prayer  for my husband a priority during those times. I remember googling what things husbands appreciate that their  wives do for them. I expected prayer to be right at the top of the list. It wasn’t! As I went through ten different lists from ten different websites none of them had even listed that husbands love it when their wives pray for them! I was astounded. I thought at least they would have it at the bottom of the list. Nope. These results urged me to never cease praying for my husband or praying with each other even when life gets busy.

List of 10 Things you can pray for your spouse/or with your spouse:

-Maintaining a personal relationship with God

-Being people of integrity

-Help with provision (God handles this not just your husband/wife)

-Protection from anything life throws at you

-To love one another like Christ loves the church

-Courage in the things we fear the most

-For strength to stand against the evil one

-Daily challenges/obstacles you face

-To keep a humble heart in every circumstance

There are many more that can fit on this list but it can help you if you feel stuck or are in a busy season of life. God loves to hear us speaking to him on behalf of our family. he cares and wants us to make Him our foundation of our relationships. “And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” -Colossians 1:17




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